AWARDS 2012 CASE STUDY: Category 2: ‘Light bulb changers’ for Fujitsu Finland by MicroMedia Oy

November 22, 2012

Application modernisation is, in practice, a very complicated and technical procedure. However, the decision makers are often more business oriented than trained in coding, for example. Thus, it was of utmost importance to present Fujitsu’s offer and expertise in a very simple and straightforward way. Idea: ‘Application modernisation is almost as easy as changing an old electric bulb to a new LED lamp’ was created.

The direct mail was striking: it included an LED lamp, which was switched on – shining brightly in the middle of dark Finnish winter. People in the pictures were the real Fujitsu consultants who actually did the proposed work. The tone of the proposal was warm, friendly and personal – in stark contrast to the ‘usual’ idea of IT-projects (technical, tedious and impersonal).

Results are very good: 93 per cent noticed the box, 83 per cent agreed for a meeting. The number and quality of leads (= meetings) was the main target of the campaign. Total campaign costs were *** €; a pipeline of *** means 159:1 ROI.

Telemarketing for screening and booking meetings was successful. Different scripts were created: CIOs and applications managers were approached from a technology angle and CFOs with cost savings. Easiness and good results of application modernisation were a common theme.

(***, These details were provided to judges in the original submission but are commercially sensitive and therefore confidential.)








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