AWARDS 2012 CASE STUDY: Category 20: 'Smart cloud' for IBM by OlgilvyOne

October 19, 2012

Cloud computing is a hot topic in the IT industry; the demand for it is high and all the major vendors have an offering to shout about.

Consequently, the noise surrounding it in marketing and advertising channels is immense and, no doubt, overwhelming for potential buyers. All of this leaves market leading brands like IBM with a challenge to stand out, get their message across and sell.

The lead generation programme for IBM’s cloud offering was purposefully designed to be fully measurable, enabling OgilvyOne to optimise the campaign to get the best possible engagement and results.

The strategy was clear, get maximum coverage to make an impact but then rapidly focus spend on creating leads. OgilvyOne started with a broad range of tactics, ranging from search, display advertising to content syndication and e-newsletters. This gave the agency the ability to quickly test what worked and what didn't, and then, with the campaign in full flow, change messaging, channels and offers.

The campaign was successful in all terms: in just seven months, more leads than requested were delivered, reducing marketing’s cost per sale significantly.



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