AWARDS 2012 CASE STUDY: Category 21: 'The Trend Micro – Dell subscription conversion' by Clever Touch marketing

October 4, 2012

Trend Micro was presented with a whole new customer marketing opportunity when they signed an agreement with Dell to load Trend’s Worry Free antivirus software on their range of PCs. As part of the agreement Trend were given access to Dell’s European SMB customer data, but it was limited to the contract duration.

Trend’s challenge was to find a way to maximise the opportunity by marketing to the contacts in an engaging and effective way in spite of the potential for contacts to be unknowledgeable and unaware of the brand previously.

In response to this CleverTouch devised a solution utilising the marketing automation platform, Silverpop, which revolved around the segmentation of contacts into five streams based upon their position in the buying cycle. After this point contacts were entered into an email campaign that contained dynamic sections within each email that was personalised according the person’s own actions historically, leading to higher engagement and an optimised nurture process.

Deployed in nine languages across 28 countries, with over 250 individual communications and reaching up to 10,000 new data contacts monthly, this campaign is an example of how best practice lead nurturing can be achieved in a large scale, complex campaign.



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