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AWARDS 2012 CASE STUDY: Category 22: Debansu Das for SitexOrbis

November 16, 2012

Not only did Debansu successfully climb the career ladder once in India, he had to do it a second time when moving to the UK. This did not faze him though, and he happily worked his way up into the role of head of marketing at SitexOrbis.

Debansu's ingenious and highly creative ideas have helped reposition the company from simply steel screen fitters to a diverse and innovative, forward thinking company with a 15 per cent increase in turnover in last four years. This was no easy ride though, because it involved marketing technological innovations to the most price sensitive and technophobic industry imaginable – the social housing sector.

Despite the challenges, Debansu has successfully helped to launch eight new products and services by using clear, eye-catching, convincing and interactive marketing campaigns, whether involving formal market research or fun Royal family lookalikes.

Time and time again Debansu’s campaigns have attracted the attention of the target audience, generated leads and delivered substantial return on investment. Two clear examples here are the eMAKS and Videofied/Aura launch campaigns.

Truly talented employees do not come along often, but Debansu has proven himself time after time, showing that SitexOrbis struck lucky when he came looking for work.








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