AWARDS 2012 CASE STUDY: Category 22: Erik Larsson for Qosmos

October 4, 2012

Erik Larsson has been VP Marketing at Qosmos, an innovative technology company serving telecom industry vendors, since 2008. As part of the company’s executive team, his responsibilities include branding, strategic marketing, product marketing, marketing communications, and media and analyst relations.

During his tenure at Qosmos, Erik orchestrated a complete makeover of the company’s marketing strategy, sales tools and demand generation. He introduced best practices for both traditional and new marketing channels, such as webinars, blogs, social media, WebTV and the formation of alliance organisations to unify and expand the company’s ecosystem of customers and partners.

During the qualification period, Erik conceived, launched and managed an ambitious B2B integrated marketing campaign encompassing all core marketing materials, corporate branding and promotion specialties, which resulted in year-over-year increases of 149% in global lead generation, 74% in sales pipeline and the added exposure of industry awards from the likes of Deloitte and Gartner Group.

The campaign, through visual analogy and simple messaging, metaphorically conveys Qosmos’ differentiating brand attribute of a very complex technology for instant recognition by a broad, horizontal, target audience. Versions of the campaign’s visual metaphor and messaging accompany Qosmos wherever the company appears – electronically, in print and at trade events.