AWARDS 2012 CASE STUDY: Category 22: Stephanie Doyle for Baker & McKenzie

October 19, 2012

Stephanie Doyle is different – in a good way.

She has achieved significant success across all areas of marketing and business development - BD, CRM, marketing and communications – which is a major point of difference in this industry. Very few marketers are as technically strong and truly innovative across the full spectrum. This unique quality contributed to Stephanie winning B2B Marketer of the Year in 2010.

In 2011, she took the next step in her career, taking on the leadership of a department and a much larger team.

She is results focused with a war chest of highly impressive, quantifiable examples of initiatives she has implemented with tremendous success. In the last year alone she has developed and implemented three crucial strategies focused on market profile, clients and teams, and her enthusiasm carries others with her.

This coupled with her drive, focus and genuine passion has armed her with the tools to effectively reshape our marketing function, positively change partner attitudes towards marketing, as well as create seismic shifts in thinking, generating impressive results.

It's for these achievements, we are nominating Stephanie for B2B Marketer of the Year 2012 .







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