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AWARDS 2012 CASE STUDY: Category 3: 'Getting Welsh business online' for Google UK by Culture Group

October 23, 2012

Getting Welsh Business Online aimed to help Welsh businesses to get online and grow online, over a three month period in 2012.

As many as 40 per cent of Wales' 200,000 SMEs don't have a website, indicating a low level of digital engagement. To educate these SMEs, Culture Group developed a range of bi-lingual print literature, which focused on simple calls to action and step-by-step processes. These were distributed at locations during national sporting events, premium shopping areas and business trade shows – the most likely locations to be frequented by business owners.

Once engaged with the campaign, users were encouraged to attend the Google Juice Bar. This mobile service offered a one-to-one session, with a Google Advisor, focusing on tangible, tailored support. During their appointment users would learn how to use a range of tools such as a free website builder.

The campaign generated over 420,000 impressions with 20,000 pieces of literature distributed. This resulted in more than 1600 Google training sessions and approximately 70,000 minutes of one-to-one support, 25 per cent above targets.






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