AWARDS 2012 CASE STUDY: Category 5: The healthy workplace project for Kimberly-Clark Professional by Gyro

November 16, 2012

People would rather go to work sick and stay home when they’re healthy. So it’s no wonder that the office is a haven for germs. In fact, employee absenteeism and employees coming to work sick can cost the average company of 1,000 employees more than $1.6 million every year.

This is a loss that can be significantly reduced, if not eradicated, through a few simple hygiene practices. Our objective was to make office workers care about germs even though they can’t see them, and they don’t want to think about them. So we created a robust program that motivates employers and employees to take hygiene into their own soon-to-be-clean hands.

The Healthy Workplace Project 90-Day Challenge divides offices into teams. By completing their daily tasks of ‘wash, wipe and sanitise,’ teams can earn points — giving them bragging rights and the chance to win prizes. Of course, the key to victory is using the Kimberly Clark Professional products provided in their desk caddies. The flames of competition were further stoked with emails and posters throughout offices. All of which drove participants to the campaign microsite, which acted as their scoreboard, rulebook and stadium for battle.








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