AWARDS 2012 CASE STUDY: Category 5: Village Needs Idiots, by DNX

November 20, 2012

What do you do if you work out of an office in one of the most beautiful villages in Surrey and you’re finding it hard to recruit new staff because the usual channels are proving unfruitful?

You tell the commuters at the nearest mainline railway station that they’re idiots. Well, sort of...

To attract new staff to DNX, it ran a provocative 48-sheet at three of the major stations in the area: Guildford, Epsom and Woking. Under the headline ‘Village needs idiots’, the message was targeted at the designers, developers, writers and account managers who regularly commute up to London, often standing all the way. DNX wanted to tell them that there was an alternative and that they’d be mad not to consider it.

Fortunately, 27 of them did and the agency now has two new members of staff.








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