AWARDS 2012 CASE STUDY: Category 6: 'IBM predictions' for IBM by OgilvyOne

October 23, 2012

Business is hard to predict. Anyone in business knows this. What they might not know is that IBM has data analysis software to help companies make better predictions. But saying it isn’t enough. IBM needed to prove it. To do that OgilvyOne used the same analytics tools somewhere equally unpredictable: Wimbledon. The tools were used to analyse player data and identify the ‘keys’ to each player’s success. ‘Keys’ were then used to make real time predictions on whether players would win or lose. Analysing live game data, IBM predicted results across the tournament with a 93.8 per cent success rate. Digital posters delivered these real time predictions to captains of industry in their place of work.

The central message was this: if IBM analytics software can predict results in tennis then imagine what it could do for your business.

This campaign delivered a number of digital firsts:

  • Business-grade analytics software was used to accurately predict a sports result using data, which was digitally distilled into an advertising message.
  • The message was delivered via an all-new digital channel. 
  • Live data was streamed to this channel for the first time.







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