AWARDS 2012 CASE STUDY: Category 6: 'What’s your business grade app' for Talk Talk Business by IAS B2B Marketing

October 23, 2012

TalkTalk Business approached IAS B2B Marketing with a challenge not uncommon to the B2B world. IAS’ response was anything but common, delivering the highest degree of creative engagement and digital interaction.

Let’s start with the request. How can the brand get prospective clients to open up and provide highly personalised information, so we can sell to them? Truth is, no enterprise worth its salt will drop their guard and expose finite details such as current providers, product usage and contract renewal dates, without a damn good reason.

IAS developed a three stage engagement with Eloqua (a campaign automation tool) at the heart. This ensures relationship building and lead nurturing proceed at the prospect’s own pace. In business, prospecting is ongoing and shouldn’t be restricted by an end campaign date. It’s still ongoing as you read this entry!

Stage one was an industry telecoms and technology benchmark survey. Stage two involved benchmarking individual performance against the survey using a new innovative web app. This delivers personalised infographic results to share with colleagues and social networks. Stage three uses the results to invite recipients to take a ‘Future Fit View’ (IT audit) and finally drop their guard, like Manchester United did!







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