AWARDS 2012 CASE STUDY: Category 7: ‘Commerce tweets’ for IBM by Neo@Ogilvy

October 15, 2012

The ‘Commerce Tweets’ campaign was centred around online communities and their ability to engage with audiences. Neo partnered with Net Communities, an online network comprising of more than 400 sites with a focus on technology and business, to create a social media platform that could aggregate tweets and trending articles around three topics important to both IBM and their audience: marketing, products and services and supply chain.

Aligning each trend to its respective channel, this project enabled the audience to discover what their peers were discussing and sharing, along with relevant breaking news. Monitoring trends in conversations, IBM encouraged an open dialogue with the audience, distributing relevant content that would assist their audience. It allowed IBM to reach out to their audience in a novel way, identifying what was important to them and bringing like-minded people together, enabling them to share their experiences, knowledge and ideas.

Continuous optimisation, focused on targeting what influential users were following, allowed the campaign to achieve 365 followers, which is seven times higher than other similar activities including organic Twitter promotion. With over 1,150 content downloads, the engagement rate of this campaign was 5.5%, and the ROI 4 times more efficient than comparable digital activity.







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