AWARDS 2012 CASE STUDY: Category 8: ‘Banking 20/20’ for Cable&Wireless Worldwide by The Channel Partnership

November 23, 2012

The Channel Partnership developed and executed a content driven campaign, Banking 20|20, to strengthen Cable&Wireless Worldwide’s positioning within the UK banking sector and deliver new engagement opportunities to their sales teams. The campaign has already generated new pipeline opportunities worth several million pounds and contributed to the re-signing of several multi-million pound contracts.

The Banking 20|20 campaign was based around the critical issues facing the banking and financial services sector, highlighting key challenges to be overcome, and how operations need to evolve to achieve success in a changing landscape.

The Channel Partnership began by working with stakeholders to develop a ‘Point of view’ strategy based around banking industry insights. From this, it worked with YouGov to commission research on the customer journey; the when, where and what of the decision to buy a financial product or do business with a particular institution, and related issues of trust, loyalty and satisfaction.

From this research the agency developed:

  • A clear-sighted vision of what future banking operations will look like.
  • A series of publications and research reports focused on factors driving industry change. 
  • A set of propositions enabling our banking and financial services clients to realise a stronger future. 

The campaign was praised throughout the organisation and exceeded expectations across all key metrics, including customer advocacy ratings, website visitors, new sales engagements and pipeline value.



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