AWARDS 2012 CASE STUDY: Category 9: ‘Energy made simple’ for British Gas Business by Rufus Leonard

November 13, 2012

British Gas Business is the area of British Gas targeted to serve business customers. Research showed that customers lacked understanding of the industry, costs and legislation associated with energy and wanted to know how the cost of their energy is calculated.

Many of British Gas Business’s customers are small owner-operated businesses without a dedicated resource for energy or facilities management. For many, lack of understanding and often interest has resulted in them being locked into uncompetitive contracts with little or no ability to stabilise or reduce rapidly increasing energy bills or understand the factors that can impact their bills.

To combat this, Rufus Leonard set up ‘Energy made simple’ an area of the existing British Gas Business website to demystify how the energy industry works, explaining, in simple terms, energy basics, what makes up the cost of energy, billing and contracts and how to save energy.

It was a great success. Visitors spent an average of 24 minutes on the site, versus an average of 4.25 minutes on other areas of the site, it’s now used by the customer services department as a ‘bible’ when answering complaints; and all content has been endorsed with the Crystal Mark for clarity. 








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