AWARDS 2013, CATEGORY 12: Mason Zimbler for Spirent

September 26, 2013

Shortlist best limited-budget campaign: ‘Axon, Network Testing’

To launch a new product, Spirent Axon, to an audience not previously targeted by Spirent. There was limited customer data available, and a maximum limited budget.

Spirent planned to launch and showcase Axon at a flagship industry event: Cisco Live 2013.
The campaign used this as a platform for communications raising awareness of the product and conveying its benefits. Audience insights from previous research were used to ensure precision tailoring of activity. This ensured proposition development and messaging, as well as media selection, tone and content were finely-tuned for maximum resonance.
Overall, the strategy focused on innovative development of digital assets and social media activity. A tight focus on Cisco Live helped achieve maximum impact with the budget. The aim was to achieve optimum reach and quality engagement, partly through leveraging the event buzz.


  • 341,816 social campaign reach
  • 654 leads generated

The outcome was a small but mighty campaign that conveyed powerful messages to the right audience in the right way, leading to tangible lead generation. In the client’s words:
“We were generating leads even before the event itself.”






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