AWARDS 2013, CATEGORY 12: Velocity Partners for Maxymiser

August 29, 2013

Shortlist best limited-budget campaign: ‘Maxymiser 'Rant' Slideshare’

Maxymiser helps online businesses turn every interaction into an experience, using cloudbased testing, personalization and cross channel optimization.

It’s very cool stuff.

The target was a specific kind of CMO and digital marketer: the kind who wants to dramatically improve the whole customer experience.

We needed to attract confident, like-minded champions – not timid followers.

The Rant was our answer. A bold, brash, confident call-to-arms that does two things:
• Evangelises a world view Arguing for the primacy of customer experience
• Builds a bridge to what Maxymiser does 

Showing that personalisation and testing are critical to great customer experiences



Demand generation
Customer insight