AWARDS 2013, CATEGORY 13: Purestone for Comms-care

November 13, 2013

Shortlist most commercially successful campaign: ‘PITS Awareness 2013’

Comms-care have defined a new category of IT organisation –providing the support services ( on-site, online & phone) for other IT companies - effectively becoming the ‘Doctor’s Doctor’ by selling only to other Channel IT companies. The corporate goal calls for sustained new business growth, and from a prospecting perspective, this creates a need to identify real business challenges, grab attention and rapidly demonstrate understanding & value to the prospect.

Two key objectives were identified:
1. Understand the Prospect, their pain points and use this dynamically to demonstrate the Comms-care process in healing these issues.

2. Take prospects from ‘Can you support me?’ to ‘I know you support….’ by demonstrating expertise in the technologies needing support,

With listening, responding & educating at its heart, Purestone conceived a tongue in cheek but visually stunning, multi-tier, multi layered campaign strategy spanning email, microsites, online engagement tools combined with direct mail to deliver a full, personal journey – completed with ‘the book of the trip’ to your doorstep.

For an investment of XXXXX, Comms-care generated:
· a pipeline of £XXXXm*
· an ROI of 149.5
· a piece of HTML5 reusable technology which has already been re-skinned & repurposed as a 3600 customer feedback tool.






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