AWARDS 2013, CATEGORY 16: Cyance for Avnet Embedded

August 29, 2013

Shortlist best SME-targeted campaign: ‘Accelerating SME Sector Success for Avnet Embedded’

Avnet Embedded provides small/medium sized resellers and distributors throughout Europe with a range of Microsoft Windows embedded software licensing solutions for business/industry use.

The company also sells displays, printers, wireless solutions and computers to the IT channel.

Avnet Embedded had a large number of dormant accounts on their records. These customers had not purchased software from them in over 12 months. By not reviving these relationships, Avnet Embedded knew they could be missing out on substantial short and long term revenue. They needed to nurture this segment to retain customers and maximise revenue throughout EMEA territories.

Avnet Embedded also wanted to generate a net-new customer base.

Target: one lead per working day.

NB. Embedded software could be Windows 8 for example with specialised features designed—and other features locked down—for business use. For example, locked down internet and the ability to change or install applications in workplaces.






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