AWARDS 2013, CATEGORY 17: Boost Marketing for Azzurri Communications

October 29, 2013

Shortlist best corporate decision maker-targeted campaign: ‘The Opinion Exchange: Turning Back the BYOD Bandwagon’
‘Bring Your Own Device’ (BYOD) – letting employees connect mobile devices to company networks – was one of the technology industry’s hottest topics in 2012. Although sometimes a workable idea, it all too often presented a grave security risk to be avoided.

Azzurri’s campaign bravely swum against the industry tide. Industry giants (such as Cisco) were running their own research-based campaigns exploring “How to implement” BYOD. Azzurri’s Opinion Exchange-led campaign was the only one that dared to ask: “Should you implement BYOD?”

Strategically, by taking a different tack to the rest of the field, this risky manoeuvre could deliver Azzurri a competitive advantage – but only if opinions could indeed be changed.

IT Directors and CIOs at large private and public sector organisations are, arguably, the most opinionated and marketing-resistant community imaginable. By cleverly centering on “opinion sharing” rather than just shouting at the marketplace, this interactive and persuasive multi-channel campaign successfully made IT leaders sit up and take action.

This campaign not only changed opinions, it opened doors to these senior decision makers. With two major deals already being secured as a result, it’s delivered a campaign ROI of 125:1 (much more in the pipeline).






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