AWARDS 2013, CATEGORY 17: The Marketing Practice for Canon Europe

September 27, 2013

Shortlist best corporate decision maker-targeted campaign: 'Canon Aiming Higher’
Canon Europe helps large organisations change the way they manage information to be more efficient and improve customer experience.

But many businesses still think they just do printers and cameras.

• Aiming Higher was created to start strategic conversations and create first appointment leads with a CMO/CFO/CIO-level (C-level) audience in the UK, Germany and the Netherlands

• Each target received extracts from their latest annual report, marked up with Canon Europe proof points that aligned to their objectives and

addressed the major issues of each organisation 

• It was supported by a communications strategy that cut through the noise with a C-level audience, for example by making the most of
relationships with PAs

• The programme exceeded sales lead targets (31 against a target of 19) and repositioned Canon Europe’s offering with large businesses

• The approach is now being applied across more European markets







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