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AWARDS 2013, CATEGORY 18: Earnest for Kaspersky Lab

October 21, 2013

Shortlist best international audience campaign: ‘See it. Control it. Protect it. With Kaspersky, now you can’

Let’s say you’re the person in charge of keeping your business safe and secure. Your data goes AWOL, it’s your neck on the line.

But the thing is, protecting your business is getting tougher than ever. More threats. New ways of working.

New technologies. Mobile and BYOD. It’s a constant juggling act. And you can’t afford to drop the ball.

Fortunately, the clever people at Kaspersky Lab decided to make life that little easier. Enter Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business (KESB) – a single security platform that’s got all the bases covered.

Anti-malware? Systems Management? Data Encryption? Mobile devices?

Quite simply, with Kaspersky, now you can. So how do you launch this revolutionary new solution to the folk who need to know around the world, building awareness and importantly, driving sales?

Think 40 countries, 18 languages, hundreds of localised campaign assets – all to be delivered in record time to arm regional marketers and channel partners across the world.

This is the story of the biggest global product launch and campaign in Kaspersky’s B2B history. 






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