AWARDS 2013, CATEGORY 19: BergHind Joseph for Tate & Lyle

November 14, 2013

Shortlist best internal audience campaign: ‘Tate & Lyle Values’

Tate & Lyle operates around the globe, and has a workforce of approximately 4000 employees. Its primary operations are providing high quality ingredients and solutions to food and beverage manufacturers, but products also extend to the industrial, animal feed, pharmaceutical and personal care markets.

Whilst the Tate & Lyle brand is a well recognised name, the business found its performance had been inconsistent in recent years.
Following the appointment of a new CEO, Javad Ahmed, it was viewed as an opportunity to improve the business’ performance. In order to do this, it was regarded as critical to review and redefine the core business values so that they reflected the company’s new direction, and improved operations with customers, suppliers, investors and the community.

BergHind Joseph’s involvement in Tate & Lyle’s values was to help devise a communication campaign that would: 

- Present the new values and create an awareness of their arrival

- To create a dialogue and level of interaction with the values to maximise engagement

- To embed the values within the business and give them longevity to improve business performance.







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