AWARDS 2013, CATEGORY 20: Gravity Global for Thale

October 3, 2013

Shortlist best B2B brand initiative: ‘Thales Brand’

Why Thales should win this category:
Thales is known as a world class company operating in the aerospace, transport and security sectors and many of its individual solutions are world leading. But still no one really understands the full extent of Thales’ competencies. No customer really knows what Thales is good at, only that certain individual products are very good.

This put Thales at a major disadvantage because as each tender is considered the decision makers never understand the magic that Thales confers on its products to make them so special?

The brand is simply not working, not doing its job of conferring advantage on its products This all changed in 2012/13 with a global campaign that finally nailed a compelling, differentiated proposition that connected all the organization’s diverse activities and communicated it effectively across 56 countries, in 18 languages to decision makers in 5 different business areas, as these highlights show:

2013 brand tracking results:
- 53% decision makers now correctly identify Thales core proposition (0% in 2012)
- 47% agree that Thales is the brand leader (26% in 2012)
- 61% would recommend Thales to a colleague in a different sector (35% in 2012)






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