AWARDS 2013, CATEGORY 21: McCann Enterprise for Merck Animal Health

October 21, 2013

Shortlist best B2B product launch campaign: ‘Activyl – Bioactivation in fleas’ 

Ticks and fleas are an everyday challenge for pet owners, but the big challenge is which product to use. Existing flea and tick products work by ensuring the treatment is constantly active on the skin of the animal and kill the parasite upon contact. Studies have shown however, that pet owners are becoming concerned about the treatments they give to and put on their pets, and the chemicals the pets are exposed to as a direct consequence.

By contrast, Activyl is applied to the animal in a ‘dormant’ form, only becoming strongly active and lethal once ingested by the flea – a process
called bioactivation.

At the same time pet owners are becoming increasingly self-reliant, choosing to buy directly through chemists and online rather than consulting their vets, meaning the vet was becoming less influential in the sales process.

Our objectives were therefore twofold:
• To highlight the unique science behind Activyl, ensuring both vets and pet owners understood the benefits of Activyl as a ‘benign’, non-active treatment
• To create greater importance and value for the vet as a source of authority and influence by positioning Activyl as a prescription only product sold exclusively through veterinary practice







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