AWARDS 2013, CATEGORY 22: Immediate Future for IBM Tealeaf

September 6, 2013

Shortlist best B2B lead generation campaign: ‘IBM Tealeaf - Social Media Lead Generation: from Linkedin to Salesforce’ 

A bespoke social media programme, with one purpose – to drive leads. With a sophisticated product, IBM Tealeaf‟s challenge was to reach and connect with senior decision makers to generate marketing qualified leads (MQLs).

A new and unique lead scoring system – scoring was integrated with social media to measure and optimise performance. A framework collated metrics for multiple variables such as content type, channel, LinkedIn group, topic, time of day and quality of lead! The quality of a lead was scored on a 6 point scale, taking into account of a range of factors such as seniority, role, company size, industry sector, location, social media influence, level of engagement in the content.

Seamless integration between social and Salesforce- plotting the customer journey to make sure that lead capture was integrated into Salesforce. Content was shared on social media, sending prospects to dedicated landing pages on a campaign specific microsite. At capture pages, leads passed directly into Salesforce. This allowed sales representatives to assess leads from social sources, alongside existing marketing channels- providing a quick and easy way to track prospect history during.






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