AWARDS 2013, CATEGORY 22: Kingpin for McAfee

August 29, 2013

Shortlist best B2B lead generation campaign: ‘McAfee - EMEA Demand Generation’

Take a team of hungry sales people in Ireland that previously felt a little let down. Take a software company that was moving through organisational change. Throw in a revenue target increase and then sprinkle in a new marketing automation platform implementation….. you have the recipe Kingpin had when briefed by McAfee.

We had to build a solution that fed the team (that delivers revenue across 19 countries), integrate seamlessly with Eloqua and return ROI above 7x

We did it. The results: 2012

  • We have delivered over 4,000 leads per quarter
  • We have optimised processes to reduce time it takes the leads to get to the sales team.
  • We have improved to quality to ensure more records are accepted by the system
  • We have engaged with the marketing and sales team to ensure they are fully involved with the campaigns and highly motived to continue to build on the success
  • We surpassed the ROIs target in terms of Direct ROI and achieved significant Indirect ROI* (These details were provided to judges in the original submission but are commercially sensitive and therefore confidential.

* Campaigns where additional marketing activity is also associated with the opportunity e.g. also receives McAfee newsletter or attended Infosec expo.

2012 was great success for Kingpin and McAfee and in 2013 we aim to achieve even more.



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