AWARDS 2013, CATEGORY 22: Stein IAS for Atos

September 27, 2013

Shortlist best B2B lead generation campaign: ‘London 2012 Olympic Games’ 

Atos became Worldwide IT Partner to the IOC in 2002. Although this had been a fundamental part of a successful marketing strategy, the company had never run a major campaign around an Olympic Games. 2012 was the right time for a number of reasons: The company had a new brand to expose, new global capabilities to promote and many thousands of new employeesto activate.

The Atos London 2012 Campaign combined the ultimate in visibility and hospitality with a multi faceted communications programme, including the media masterstroke of the Games: lanyard sponsorship resulting in the prominent display of Atos branding around the necks of the world’s most influential figures. And the marketing masterstroke of the Games: for the first time Atos used a state of the art automated digital sales enablement strategy, to capture and nurture leads interested in the 5 solutions that Atos deliver at the Games.

The campaign generated 597 new contacts including 124 marketing qualified leads – mostly comprising C level decision makers in large organisations. This has already provided €131m of new business representing an immediate ROI of 44:1. And deals forming a further pipeline of over €1.3bn are currently being negotiated.



Stein IAS
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