AWARDS 2013, CATEGORY 23: Harte-Hanks for Microsoft UK (Enterprise)

September 23, 2013

Shortlist best lead nurturing campaign: ‘Invictus: connecting marketing and sales’ 
Microsoft UK Enterprise initiated a lead nurturing campaign to address serious issues surrounding delivery of well qualified leads to co-selling partners.

The challenge:
High disengagement meant very few marketing generated opportunities were translating into sales-ready leads. The problem was compounded by a lengthy sales cycle (up to 15 months) and the diverse, complex range of products and services. Integration and collaboration with partners was also poor.

A landmark shift in the criteria leads needed to meet prior to hand-off was instigated to overcome barriers preventing their effective progression.

The strategy focused on ‘dynamic nurturing’. Development of an innovative new propensity-led approach provided strong foundations for activity. Then, intelligent telemarketing activity ensured leads were cultivated over the sales cycle until they met the newly defined sales-ready criteria.

Pain-points of existing procedures were accurately identified and conquered with a creative, tenacious approach. This facilitated better customer journeys and bridged gaps between Microsoft and co-selling partners.

These details were provided to judges in the original submission but are commercially sensitive and therefore confidential.







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