AWARDS 2013, CATEGORY 24: Paul Higgins, TalkTalk Business

September 27, 2013

Shortlist B2B marketer of the year
Paul Higgins is a challenger of convention. In the past three years as Head of Marketing at TalkTalk Business he has taken the brand on a mammoth journey. Unhappy with the relationship that marketing had within the wider organisation and its invisibility at Board level, he set out to turn TalkTalk Business into a marketing led company. This was no easy task.

With a fragmented, disparate department and outputs, Paul had to completely shake up the way TalkTalk Business approached marketing. This saw the brand set out on a path to closely align sales and marketing, implement a sophisticated web architecture that supports marketing automation, and tailor content across individual user journeys. A

t the same time as achieving all of this, Paul Higgins has been carving a position as a leading industry figure, playing a role in establishing US B2B trade body, The Business Marketing Association, in the UK. The results achieved with Paul’s help speak for themselves. Revenue performance at TalkTalk Business has increased to see the team generate a 40% uplift in revenue directly related to marketing spend, while achieving a 25% reduction in total marketing cost.








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