AWARDS 2013, CATEGORY 3: Birddog for Xuber

September 20, 2013

Shortlist best use of live-event marketing: ‘Stirring the City’

As the newly branded company formally known as the ‘insurance software arm of Xchanging’, Xuber needed a launch that would make a positive and memorable impact on senior insurance decision makers and influencers within both existing customers and new prospects.

With most of the target audience concentrated in the City’s Square Mile, a buzz needed to be created before a high profile launch evening at SushiSamba in the iconic Heron Tower.

At 5am on a cold October Monday morning in EC3, a high-intensity guerrilla campaign kicked into action.

Based from a central location, equipped for the event with industrial coffee machines, luxury coffee was mixed by 36 award winning baristas. Xuber ‘butlers’ then either hand delivered the coffee on trays to specifically targeted high footfall destinations near the base, or were ferried to key destinations (outside leading commercial insurers / Bank underground) on an iconic Xuber branded double-decker bus.

Despite the scheduling, narrow time windows, logistics and operational complexity, 3,500 commuters were treated to the finest silver service.

This intense live event formed an integral part of a commercially successful launch, but succeeded in its specific aim of gaining reach, publicity, and raising significant market awareness within the defined geography.






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