AWARDS 2013, CATEGORY 3: Stein IAS for Trelleborg Printing Solutions

September 27, 2013

Shortlist best use of live-event marketing: ‘Institute of Contemporary Print’

As the largest printing equipment exhibition in the world, Drupa was to be a key focus for Trelleborg in 2012. The exhibition, which is held every four years in Germany and lasts a mammoth 16 days, attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors and exhibitors from across the globe.

Stein IAS devised a creative concept that would position Trelleborg as the masters of transferring ink, and an integrated contact strategy, of which PR was the backbone, which would work to maximise the opportunity that Drupa presented, pre, during and post event.

Demonstrating Trelleborg’s printing know-how, Stein IAS created the ‘Institute of Contemporary Print’ (IOCP). Both an online and physical destination, the IOCP was designed to showcase modern interpretations of some of the world’s most famous pieces of art, printed using Trelleborg’s solutions. The ‘Masters’ Collection’ of artworks displayed would create an affinity with classic works of art, as well as demonstrate the versatility, capabilities and range of Trelleborg’s printing blankets, on virtually any substrate.

The IOCP would in effect, become a Drupa ‘art gallery’, including revolving pieces of hung art, a seating area made out of printing blankets, an Italian cafe and a gift shop (with posters of the art).



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