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AWARDS 2013, CATEGORY 5: Columns for Shell International

September 23, 2013

Shorlist best use of creative: ‘Shell New Lens Scenarios’
Shell has been developing scenarios to explore the future since the 1970s, asking the ‘What if?’ questions and presenting plausible, possible outcomes based on the realities of today. New Lens Scenarios is the teams most recent, most detailed and most complex body of work.

There were two key challenges: the first was to communicate visions of our future that was sometimes abstract, paradoxical and patchy in an engaging and innovative way. The second was the four-week delivery timeframe from first draft copy to launch.

The results have been a great success: 30,000 New Lens Scenarios books pre-ordered; 100,000 sent out; over 70,000 YouTube views on Shell

Scenarios channel, and an increase of 457% on page views post launch.






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