AWARDS 2013, CATEGORY 5: Gyro for USG Corporation

September 23, 2013

Shortlist best use of creative: ‘Sheetrock Brand UltraLightweight Joint Compound Launch’
Drywall installers carry the weight of their jobs on their backs. Literally. This weight takes its toll, even if they don’t like to admit it. Weight slows productivity, reducing installation speed and costing installers money. Weight also leads to fatigue that increases safety risks that can cost installers money. These are important issues in an economy with fewer opportunities available to make a living. 

To carry standard drywall joint compound was to literally shoulder an extra Cannon, Anvil or Tub worth of weight over the course of a job. So we created big, bold imagery that defi ned this problem, stating, “If You’re Not Using SHEETROCK® Brand UltraLightweight All Purpose Joint Compound, You’ve Got Your Hands Full.” Customers instantly translated the weight difference to benefi ts most relevant to them. And all of it was anchored by the mantra “The Weight Has Been Lifted.”