AWARDS 2013, CATEGORY 8: Base One for Vodafone

October 3, 2013

Shortlist best use of content marketing: ‘Public Perspectives’

Our research told us that Public Sector decision makers would rather listen to their peers than their suppliers. So we built a bold campaign around ‘hero content’ of Vodafone customers, creatively packaged, produced and channelled – an innovative way of associating Vodafone with efficiency and effectiveness in the Public Sector, without directly talking about our capabilities. The result was to hit KPIs two months early, and exceed targets by 10-15%.

An integrated through-the-line awareness and engagement campaign that challenged how Public Sector Decision Makers see Vodafone’s capabilities.

Key aims for the campaign were:
– to increase awareness of the role Vodafone plays in improving the efficiency and effectiveness of Public Sector
– to raise understanding of Vodafone’s capabilities approved under the PSN framework
– to initiate conversations around specific issues Base One created a content-led campaign, themed on ‘Public Services
Reform’, covering issues leaders looked to solve through technology and exploring what it’s like to deliver public services today. The hero content consisted of video interviews of public sector leaders talking about their challenges.
Supporting content included: emails, how-to guides, resources roundups, articles, case studies, PSN manifesto, infographics, advertorials, online display ads, live online Q&As, research and an online digital survey.








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