AWARDS 2013, CATEGORY 8: Marketecture for Outsauce

September 6, 2013

Shortlist best use of content marketing: '‘Outsauce Launch Campaign’

Following a strategy review which initiated a new brand name and identity, Marketecture was tasked with launching Outsauce as a reinvented’ support service provider for the recruitment industry.

The two key challenges were to:

1. Quickly establish a new brand profile 
2. Deliver immediate ROI

Marketecture’s strategy was to develop a content marketing programme based around two keyoffer-related themes:

• Financing services: “The Recruiter’s Toolkit: The myths, half-truths and pitfalls of setting up a recruitment business”.
• Contracting services: “The Compliance Barometer: Discover how recruitment leaders are really dealing with the compliance challenge in 2013”.

The campaigns were operated around Marketecture’s b2b content model for lead generation (Contentment*).

Research revealed that competitors were investing heavily in marketing programmes targeting lead conversion at the bottom of the funnel (premium keywords on SEO/PPC etc). However, an opportunity was identified to promote intelligent and motivating content to target buyers in early research mode. 






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