AWARDS 2013, CATEGORY 9: Birddog

September 20, 2013

Shortlist best website: ‘The Uprising’

To evoke change in a staid B2B market we thought we should say what people didn’t want to hear. We needed somewhere to say it.

Central to Birddog’s rebrand / re-launch of its core service offering was a new website and social channels that would change Birddog’s marketing model from ‘wait for the phone to ring’ to a carefully executed in-bound marketing strategy.

In positioning Birddog as first call for brand, digital, content and social strategy in a competitive environment the website needed to:

• be an interactive communications channel for its audiences through social integration

• clearly demonstrate and reference ability to think with capability to do

• embrace Birddog’s brand values

• have a fresh, feature rich, look and feel

• stimulate thought leadership

This strategy was executed through a hub and spokes model connecting presentations, video content, social communications, imagery and forum discussions in one central hub.A modular, bespoke CMS allows flexibility and easily scalable future development.

Measures included meeting launch deadline, traffic and customer engagement thereafter. Thought leadership was rewarded with growing audiences:

• 38% website visit increase

• 1,400 Twitter followers

• 40,000+ viewed Slideshares

• 1,700+ viewed hours of YouTube video

• 240% brief / CV placement increase



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