AWARDS 2013, CATEGORY 9: Cross-Border Communications for Terma

September 6, 2013

Shortlist best website: ‘Allies in innovation’

Terma A/S is Denmark’s foremost aerospace, defense and security company. Dealing with large governmental projects, the company’s central marketing and communications channel is its corporate website and it is crucial that Terma’s website reflects and demonstrates its capacity for excellence at every level.
Terma recognised that its corporate brand no longer reflected the modern Terma organisation. Terma’s outdated website only compounded this situation.
Cross-border Communications (CBC) created an entirely new website that:
• Promotes engagement through stronger content and more opportunities to interact
• Is more customer and benefits oriented
• Strengthens the digital Terma brand using the new “Allies in innovation” brand concept (also developed by CBC) and creates greater visual impact
Why it should win

The results (to date) couldn’t be a more dramatic endorsement of why this submission should win:
• The site gets a ground-breaking 634 downloads per month (meaning more than 7,600 downloads in the 12 months since launch (300% higher than the average for B2B sites)
• Page views have soared 27% to 35,000 per month YOY
• More than 530 newsletter sign-ups in 12 months
• Almost 60% are new visitors
• The site has received over 122,000 visitors in 12 months






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