August 28, 2013

Short list best website: '‘Rebranding of corporate website: moving to a true target group oriented structure’

DSM changed its website environment from a 45,000 pages counting product push environment to a target group oriented structure consisting of a condensed corporate website and a series of market websites, product brand websites and solution websites. Each website now has clear goals and a structure that is based on a thorough description of the target group needs.

The old website environment lacked alignment between corporate, country, business group and product sites. The sites were highly proliferated with diluting & confusing images. Following the corporate rebranding project a program was started to support the DSM business groups to change their online environment towards a “one DSM” environment. The migration process formed the starting point for true digital marketing and sales excellence.

The new environment has a uniform look and feel and tone of voice. It provides various opportunities to address the target group needs, varying from downloading information to getting into contact with relevant persons. It performs demonstrably better in terms of visitors, lead generation and conversion.

Furthermore, it was used as a catalyst towards the business groups to start with digital intelligence, online campaigning and active content management in order to create real integrated target group experience and engagement.



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