Awards 2014, Category 1 Earnest for Worldpay

November 21, 2014

Best multichannel campaign:‘Any which way’

Bringing an invisible service into the spotlight

You’ve already met our client Worldpay. Today in fact. You quite possibly used their service earlier – maybe paying for breakfast, maybe even a taxi getting to awards judging session.

The chances are you’d not heard of them. But if you were a retailer, hotel, restaurant or even garage then Worldpay plays a pivotal role in your business. Because you need your customers to pay – and today’s demanding consumer has found yet another thing to be more demanding about. They want payments to be as flexible as they are, on their terms. Debit card, credit card, cashless card, direct debit, in the store, online, even mobile.

For organisations this is a challenge – how to keep up and stay aligned with your customers.

Worldpay enables all of this and then steps in with a ground-breaking, unique solution – Worldpay Total. This new payments platform delivers the ‘omni-channel’ experience for organisations without the need for in-house IT expertise.

The campaign task was to educate the audience about their changing customer, position Worldpay as the answer and generate leads.

This is the story of how ‘Any Which Way’ came to life – a multi-channel campaign promoting, well, multi-channel...











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