Awards 2014, category 10: Harte Hanks for Cisco International Limited

November 19, 2014

Best use of customer insight: Harte Hanks for Cisco International Limited

Intelligent insights deliver 18:1 contact strategy ROI plus by-product leads cover data planning investment four times over

Cisco wanted to square-up to the increasingly self-initiated buyer market by enhancing sales and marketing alignment. 

Marketing needed to become a customer-led, demand-generating, revenue-producing machine. But historically the sales team didn’t value marketing generated leads. 

Dual action was needed to enrich marketing with better insights and maximise generation of high-quality leads that had strong synergy with commercial objectives.


Harte Hanks’ data planning team was enlisted to deliver focused, insight-rich data precisely aligned with marketing and business goals. 

A multi-tactic approach saw relevant contacts fed to marketing on a per-campaign basis according to their individual needs and characteristics. Research and analysis enabled better ‘point in time’ communications based on factors such as purchase patterns and online behaviour.


Activity delivered a projected ROI of 18:1 in terms of sales accepted leads handed from marketing to sales. 

What’s more, desk research by profiling agents uncovered a raft of prospects which were quickly converted to sales qualified leads. These leads represent a total pipeline value four times greater than the total data planning investment.



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