Awards 2014, category 11: Peter Brett Associates LLP (designed by NextBigThing)

November 14, 2014

Best use of thought leadership: Town centre investment management (TCIM)

The strong reputation we enjoy within markets in which we historically operate has proven difficult to transfer to new markets. 

PBA has a culture and track record of innovative, disruptive thinking. We encourage staff to apply their expertise to issues facing society, so when one of our planners created Town Centre Investment Management (“TCIM”), we seized the opportunity to ‘fix’ high streets whilst building a reputation within the retail market (a target growth market).

Following the creation of a new marketing team and our 2012 rebrand, the TCIM campaign extended our new identity beyond the corporate confines of websites, brochures and business cards for the first time. 

We developed TCIM from an intellectual, internally-focussed briefing note into an engaging whitepaper. We launched TCIM at a major retail conference and used in-person events, social media and email marketing to engage stakeholders. This
approach resulted in hundreds of report downloads from our microsite and a campaign that secured C-Suite meetings, coveted column inches in key trade press and conference speaking invitations. Now, we’re about to run pilot schemes in towns nominated by those our campaign has inspired. 

The 6,500% return-on-investment shows the power that well planned, strategically grounded B2B marketing can have.



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