Awards 2014, category 11: Stein IAS for TalkTalk Business

November 14, 2014

Best use of thought leadership: Integrate Britain

Historically, TalkTalk Business (TTB) had struggled to reach enterprise audiences (250+ employees). The brand lacked credibility with Corporates and the technology partners that traditionally serviced big business: Systems Integrators (SIs) and Value-Added Resellers (VARs). 

With little experience of this segment, the telco had been communicating on an ad hoc basis without any insight into either parties’ wants or needs. Strategically, a thought leadership campaign would reposition TTB, build credibility and produce an asset of genuine value to the marketplace which would also be flexible enough to work across multiple channels. 

The output was the Integrate Britain Report: a comprehensive write-up of detailed qualitative and quantitative research conducted by Ovum and tackling the key issues affecting the target audiences. The unusual, but effective, decision was taken to work with leading industry titles and hold roundtables to devise and test the thought leadership themes directly with enterprises and SIs/VARs. 

Insight from the report was used to develop thought leadership-led assets: emails, PR, webinars, roundtables, social and advertising. The outcome was a steady stream of high quality leads and measurable engagement with all campaign assets – £5.7million sales pipeline to date – putting TTB on the radar of its most hard-to-reach audiences.



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