Awards 2014, category 13: Fox Parrack Singapour for Cisco

November 19, 2014

Most commercially successful campaign: Cisco partner activation programme 

Cisco’s Partner business represents one of their fastest - growing routes to market.

With over 27,000 registered Partners across EMEAR – driving in excess of $300m worth of  sales via distribution annually – this represents a critical piece of Cisco’s overall channel  strategy.

Despite their importance, only 66% of the total EMEAR audience were active (i.e. selling),  and, whilst each year saw 5,000 new Partners register, this figure was nullified by another 5,000 who disappeared (i.e. who became, and remained, dormant).

In order for this channel to realise its true potential, Cisco needed to address this churn and, given that Partner sales had been declining for the past two years, they needed to do so promptly.

Digging into the underlying causes of Partner disengagement – driving both churn and inactivity – FPS devised an innovative solution that delivered a meaningful and rewarding partner experience. 

But the solution sought to not only halt sales decline and reverse stagnation. It helped partners offer more value to their customers, building differentiation and servicing longer- term profitability.



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