Awards 2014, category 14: Momentum ABM for VMware

November 14, 2014

Best integration of sales and marketing: Adding value at VMware through sales and marketing integration

Momentum helped VMware nurture longer-term strategic relationships and increase the value of deals through account-based marketing (ABM). This is a marketing framework that treats each customer as a ‘segment of one’ across the buying cycle.

VMware wanted to update its product-led selling practices with a more customer-led approach. This responds to market changes and positions its growing portfolio for a more business-orientated audience - promoting VMware’s role from technology vendor to strategic partner.

Momentum helped VMware achieve its objectives through the use of ABM principles. These created a tighter interlock between sales and marketing teams, fostering a step change in engagement to make a significant impact across the buying cycle. We achieved this by:

 Encouraging collaboration – involving marketing teams in each step of the sales planning process.

 Improving marketing execution – using account-led insights to create highly relevant content assets and campaigns.

 Proving the value – through quantifiable metrics, e.g. deals closed, and by sharing our successes.



Customer insight
Marketing automation



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