Awards 2014, category 15: Purechannels Ltd for Adobe

November 13, 2014

Best channel marketing initiative: Adobe social content on demand

Adobe wanted to create a dynamic way of communicating with their partners, at the same time as enabling their partners with regular, original, valuable content. They also wanted a way of amplifying their message through their partner networks using digital and social media. 

The objective was to give Adobe a digital edge using something that they could call ‘unique’. purechannels deployed a revolutionary social amplification technology, socialondemand®, from their partner, purechannelapps. A UK trial was put in place in February 2012, under the name ‘Adobe Social Content onDemand’. The solution was rolled out across Europe in March 2013 (in French, German and Turkish) and then across North America in October 2013. 

Today, 1,918 individual social media accounts have been added by Adobe channel partners in Europe and North America. This means that Adobe now reach 3.7 million new LinkedIn contacts, Facebook friends and Twitter followers via their partners.



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