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Awards 2014, category 15: TIE Kinetix and Unify

November 13, 2014

Best channel marketing initiative: Digital channel
In late 2013, Siemens Enterprise Communications made a significant strategic decision to rebrand globally to its new brand Unify. They were not only faced with the challenge of rebranding its channel, but also ensuring all partners had updated content and tools at the moment the new company name was unveiled. 

The mission for a rebrand project was simple: to ensure everything from content to sales tools are updated, on time and with minimal resources, while being communicated to the widest possible audience through the partner community. One thing a global rebrand does is bring all complexities of managing your brand in the partner channel into sharp focus, all at once. On October 15th, 2013 all content, campaigns and sales tools were instantaneously implemented across Unify’s extensive partner channel in 49 countries and 12 languages with zero channel marketing and sales downtime. Unify was able to accomplish this with the help of TIE Kinetix solutions.



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