Awards 2014, category 16: Torpedo for Autodesk

December 2, 2014

Autodesk Fusion 360 is the first ever cloud-based 3D CAD application for mechanical and industrial design professionals. Fusion 360 represents a whole new way of working for product designers and engineers.

The Fusion 360 launch campaign specifically targeted the VSB and SMB sector - entrepreneurs, start-ups, and small businesses – people that would be most receptive to the idea of adopting or switching to a cloud-based 3D CAD solution. These people are young, innovative, and creative. Cynical about corporate marketing messages they appreciate honesty and want to get straight to point, so we needed to keep our creative real and believable.

The campaign had 3 main objectives. Firstly, raise awareness of Fusion 360. Secondly, build confidence in the concept of designing in the cloud. And finally to drive adoption of Fusion 360.

With no sales team or resellers tasked with selling Fusion 360, the campaign and microsite were responsible for generating all the demand for Fusion 360.

We wanted to tell a story and keep it real, so who better to let others know the power of Fusion 360 than the users themselves.



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