Awards 2014, category 17: Fox Parrack for Xerox

November 20, 2014

Best corporate decision maker-targeted campaign: 'Xerox managed print services campaign'

Managed Print Services (MPS) includes everything from making office copying and printing more efficient and secure, to digitising and automating paper-­ based business processes.

The benefits can be enormous, but it’s a complex set of processes that involves various decision makers over a long period of time – as well as considerable investment.

At the beginning of 2013, the EMEA business climate was at its lowest ebb, and extremely risk averse. Our job was to

show why Xerox MPS was a better bet than all the usual business transformation tricks and why, in fact, it was a reason for real business optimism.

Our campaign poses the question: ‘What’s holding you back?’ and explained why ‘Optimism starts here.’

It looked like a risky strategy at the time. But as the campaign launched, green shoots were already appearing, helping Xerox to establish itself as a real leader and enabler of business growth.

To date, campaign ROI is now 20:1 – and expected to grow to around 50:1.



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