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Awards 2014, category 17: Xuber

December 2, 2014

There’s a reason why the London insurance market is ‘the place to be’. It’s dynamic. It’s global. It’s changing. And unlike anywhere else in the B2B world, business happens face to face. As such, any campaign targeting C-Level decision makers in the London market needed to be exceptional to stand a chance.

To meet the demands of a market that handles complexity, Xuber created a solution configured specifically for London insurers.

Xuber’s target audience comprised of risk-adverse C-Level insurance decision makers - CIOs, CTOs and COOs who needed a compelling reason to get out of their chairs, let alone to change their core software systems.

Xuber had to deliver an event that would entice its audience out of the City. Only one theme worked for this high-profile campaign – London itself. From the save-the-date invitation, through to the music played on the night – every communication surrounding the Xuber4London was inspired by London.

A clear evening on the 29th floor of the Millbank Tower provided a stunning backdrop for an event that attracted 120 C-Level executives to the launch of Xuber4London.








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