Awards 2014, category 18: TFM Group

November 13, 2014

Best international audience campaign: Quickstart
Analysis showed we were selling individual services. Worse still, it was often selling one service and then re-engaging later to sell others – not good for us, nor for customers who would benefit from having fewer suppliers.

This had to change to achieve the company strategy of aggressive growth both in presence and revenue.

And so QuickStart was born. It clearly articulates our services, allowing potential customers to understand what we do quickly, and our sales force to understand how to cross-sell on a global level. Using the premise of explaining things to a child, it draws on storybook style and simple English – distinctive for the lawyer and accountant audience.

After launching to applause at sales conferences, our videos became integral to the sales arsenal, reaching almost 140,000 views across all platforms in just six weeks. Video seeding over-delivered substantially. Targeted enhanced digital creative shows strong engagement rates in the right demographics. Users spent more than 1200 hours engaging with web banners; it surpassed the B2B engagement benchmarks per view by 67%. More than 100 opportunities are now on CRM; details were provided in the original submission to judges. Customers are enquiring using QuickStart terminology.

And with that, QuickStart revolutionised our business.



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